Joining the MLS in 2011, the Vancouver Whitecaps became the second Canadian club and the fifteenth team overall. Through their first half decade of operations the Whitecaps have been the most successful Canadian club and quickly became a Cup contender in the Western Conference. Check out Vancouver Whitecaps lines here on this page. Joining Major League Soccer in 2011, the Whitecaps did not take too long to get into the thick of the Western Conference playoff race – making their first appearance in 2012.

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The most northern franchise in the league is looking to become the first Canadian team to win their conference. Check the Vancouver Whitecaps standings to see when they reach their goal. 


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In terms of Canadian clubs, the Vancouver Whitecaps have been the most successful making the playoffs three times in their first five seasons – while both Toronto and Montreal have only a single postseason appearance by the end of 2015. In 2015 the Whitecaps finished second in the West and third overall, the best finish any Canadian teams has had.  The team lost in the playoffs, but is set for success soon.

The Whitecaps have a rivalry with the two other Canadian teams in the league and play them both – plus the Ottawa and Edmonton soccer clubs from the level 2 professional league – for the Canadian Championship. Vancouver won their first championship in 2015. Though the Canadian clubs share a strong rival, the Whitecaps main two rivals can be found in the Western Conference.

Their biggest rivals are the Portland Timber and Seattle Sounders. As these clubs are all with in a close geographical proximity and play more often per season their rivalries with Vancouver is greater than that of Montreal and Toronto. The clubs play each year for the Cascadia Cup. The winner of the Cup is the club that totals the highest number of points in all of their matchups. Through the five years Vancouver has played in the MLS they have been awarded the cup twice.

The home of the Vancouver Whitecaps is BC Place. BC Place has served many uses before the Whitecaps moved there in 2011. Home to Vancouver’s CFL team and the main stadium for the 2010 Winter Olympics, the stadium was designed to fit up to 54,000 fans. The capacity for most Whitecaps games caps out at 22,000 but it can be expanded when there is demand.