The Detroit Tigers are one of the American League’s charter franchises and serve as the longest one-name franchise having kept the name since 1901. Despite long periods of not making the playoffs, the Tigers generally field good teams that have winning seasons. They have accumulated four World Series titles, 11 AL pennants and seven total division titles. They endured a horrendous 17-year stretch of futility but have turned themselves into World Series contenders since the mid-2000s. [+]

Gamblers keep an eye out for when they finally get over the hump and win it all.

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Between 1907 to 1909, the Tigers lost their first three World Series and another one in 1934 before winning it all in 1935. From this year to their final World Series title in 1984, the Tigers fielded some of the most consistently winning teams though they didn’t make many playoffs. The Tigers won the AL Central from 2011 to 2015 after not having won it at all since its inception in 1984.They returned to the World Series in a losing effort in 2006 and again in 2012.

The Tigers have played both doormat and king for the AL Central. They never finished above third for their first eight years in the division but have since dominated beginning the 2010s. In 2015, despite finishing last in the division and with their worst record since 2008, the Tigers still managed to win over half of three of their four division series with an overall winning percent of 54.7. 

The Tigers are looking to go from worst to first after a 2015 that was marred by injuries and key departures. Two-time MVP, Miguel Cabrera missed over 40 games and high-profile additions like Justin Upton and Jordan Zimmermann should help. Francisco “K-Rod” Rodriguez was added to stabilize the closer role, a key weakness from last season. Justin Verlander will look to prove his revitalized 2015 was not a blip and Anibal Sanchez will have to bounce back as well.

At their best, the Tigers are World Series contenders especially considering how stacked their lineup is. They have two MVP-caliber players in Verlander and Cabrera and the key additions in both their pitching and batting should make them better in theory. But the rest of the division had also improved and the Tigers will be hard-pressed to dominate again as they used to. Still, a wild card berth is very attainable.