The NL Central was created in 1994 when Major League Baseball expanded to six divisions. For most of its life it was MLB’s biggest division with six members, although the Houston Astros move to the AL West in 2013 brought equality across the board. Whether there have been five or six teams, the St. Louis Cardinals have ruled the roost in the NL Central. With 10 division titles, four NL championships and a pair of World Series wins, the Cardinals have been not just the model team for the division, but for the NL and MLB overall.

NL Central Betting Lines

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NL Central Standings

The NL Central was the cream of the crop in 2015 producing the top three teams in the NL. While the Cardinals, Chicago Cubs and Pittsburgh Pirates will all look to repeat their seasons for a year ago, the Cincinnati Reds and Milwaukee Brewers will be looking at making similar runs in the future. Check here on this widget to see how the NL central dogfight plays out in the divisional race and wild card hunt throughout the season.


How To Bet On National League Central

A lone NL championship by the Houston Astros during their time in the division is the only other World Series appearance aside from the Cardinals for the NL Central. Of course when the division includes the Cubs you would expect a lack of postseason success in its ranks. The Cubbies can’t be considered underdogs these days having upset their arch-rivals from St. Louis in last year’s playoffs. Meanwhile the Pittsburgh Pirates have clinched several wild card sports in recent years to highlight that team’s resurgence.  

Whoever you wager on in the NL Central, the odds are usually provided by a money line. For example if the Pirates are favourites in a game against the Reds, Pittsburgh will have a negative line and underdog Cincinnati will have a positive one. If the Pirates are at -190 and the Reds are at +190 you would have to wager $190 on the Bucs to win $100 and $100 on Cincy to win $190. Money lines are routinely used for action on single games and series wagers. 

Much like rest of the NL, teams in the Central can pitch. Strong starting rotations and bullpens helped St. Louis, Chicago and Pittsburgh to those top three records last year and will definitely be called on again for further success this time around. Like most betting across Major League Baseball, wagering in the NL Central requires a look at the pitching matchups, but also a look at the bullpens to see which relievers are keeping their teams in the game. You will also want to look at who’s swing a hot bat, although in this division hits and runs are at a premium.