The Blackhawks are another original six team that had to survive a difficult period due to ownership that wasn’t interested in putting the best possible product onto the ice. Nevertheless, the Hawks have now turned around their franchise, leveraging high draft picks into a team that other squads envy. As a result, Chicago Blackhawks lines are among the tops in the association in terms of being considered favourites for nearly every game they play.

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Established in 1926, the Chicago Blackhawks won their first Stanley Cup in the 1933-34 season. However, most fans remember the near fifty-year drought that proceeded their 1960-61 Stanley Cup win, a streak broken in 2009-10 in dramatic fashion when Patrick Kane scored the overtime winner in game six. Since then, they managed to win another pair of cups, becoming one of the rare dynasties of the modern era.

Whatever team is stuck in the division that Chicago occupies knows that it faces an uphill battle to defeat one of the deepest teams in the league. In addition to winning a President’s Trophy, the team has also taken a pair of division championships in recent years, showing that their regular season dominance does translate to playoff success. 

The only arguable weakness that the Chicago Blackhawks have in their lineup has been their goaltending, which has never been a problem, even if they haven’t had a top notch backstopper during their Stanley Cup runs. Perhaps the deepest team in the league, the Blackhawks are able to trot out two elite scoring lines every game, as well as multiple defensemen who would serve as a top pairing on many other teams. Ironically, the biggest problem the team has faced is not being able to hold on to great talent because they have an overwhelming wealth of great players. 

With Toews and Kane still in their twenties and Duncan Keith showing no signs of slowing, the Blackhawks are likely to remain among the top four or five teams to challenge for the Stanley Cup on a yearly basis. As long as the team continues to surround these three with superb role players and secondary scoring, only injuries, bad luck, and near-perfect play will impede the Hawks.