After the addition of the Ottawa Redblacks, the CFL extended the regular season to 20 weeks and the Western Conference now has 5 uneven teams with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers moving from the East. The west has generally been competitive between the original four teams but offseason changes and injuries have played huge roles in shifting the balance of power. The Saskatchewan Roughriders took the worst of the injuries and fell from grace and the B.C. Lions continue to be a consistent playoff team. It’s advisable to pay more attention on matchups as opposed to overall records before making a bet.

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You can view the progress of all the Western Conference teams here along with how the guys further East are doing. As the season progresses, it becomes evident which teams are good and which are bad and money lines shift in accordance so keep a watchful eye here.


How To Bet On CFL Western Conference

In the West, the money line will be a bit skewed as the top heavy trend from this conference means some teams are simply so much better than the rest. Teams like the Edmonton Eskimos and Calgary Stampeders have been putting on a football clinic while the wretched Blue Bombers can’t manage to find their way out of the basement. But upsets happen all the time so take heed and be watchful of underdogs sneaking an upset or two.

the top two teams in the CFL are arguably the Alberta rivals: Calgary and Edmonton. The “Stamps” has been a model of excellence in the CFL having made the postseason for over a decade with two Grey Cups while the Eskimos won the 2015 Grey Cup. The two will continue to battle for supremacy and with little roster turnover and the return of injured stars, they can only get better. Look for these two as solid bets on the money line but expect to pay a premium price.

the notorious Roughriders and their fans are hoping the disaster that was 2015 was merely an aberration due to injuries and a return to their winning ways is doable. The Riders can now be found at a cheaper betting price than if they were at full strength and taking them as a future Grey Cup winner might be a sly bet. But again their performance will hinge upon the health of their starters.

Bomber nation has been patient, to say the least. They’ve endured them consistently being the laughing stock of the conference as roster overhauls and front office inconsistency continues. But like the Redblacks showed, nothing is impossible and the Bombers could catch a break and pull off improbable upsets or even a shot at the postseason. For now, enjoy the Bombers at lucrative underdog prices but don’t recklessly throw money at them.