The NHL’s Western Conference is loaded with Stanley Cup champions from the past decade. From 2010 to 2015, five of the six Stanley Cup champions came from the West. Granted, two franchises accounted for all five of those victories (Chicago X3, LA X2), but it goes to show you just how deep the entire conference is as a whole with so many talented teams doing battle each night. With all of that winning by the West, it’s not surprising that online NHL Western betting lines receive plenty of action and research throughout the year. Teams like the Blackhawks and Kings have proven they are built for the long haul, with consistent contenders like San Jose, Anaheim, St Louis, Minnesota… Always nipping at their heels.

NHL Western Betting Lines

NHL Western betting lines account for numerous winners on any given night in the NHL. To check out current moneyline prices for teams from this conference, check out the list here.

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NHL Western Standings

Getting to the top of the NHL Western standings is an absolute grind each year for all the teams involved. The level of competition in this conference has clearly been a step above the East the past few years. Check out this year’s NHL Western standings below to see if that’s the case again.


How To Bet On NHL Western Conference

Chicago and Los Angeles bettors have brought home a lot of winning tickets for their backers with all of those recent Stanley Cup victories. But it's not just those two teams from the West that carry the torch for the Western Conference being the best in the league. Since the 2010 decade started, four of the top five franchises who have tallied up the most regular season wins come from the West. That list includes Chicago (271), Vancouver (264), St Louis (259), and San Jose (258).

What may be even more impressive about that list, that includes the 2015-16 regular season, is the fact that only one Western Conference team (Edmonton) exists in the bottom five. With the Connor McDavid era in Edmonton officially beginning, you can expect the Oilers to climb up those ranks as well in the foreseeable future.

Stats like that speak to the depth the entire Western Conference has as a whole, and that is valuable information to any NHL bettor. Understanding just how deep some of these teams are and how successful and committed to winning they are, means that you can back any one of the 14 teams in this conference with confidence in almost any situation during the coming years.