Up high in the mountains soccer fans and bettors can find the Colorado Rapids. The Rapids are one of the founding members of Major League Soccer and throughout their history they have seen their share of up and downs. The Rapids were able to climb to the top of the summit in 2010 winning their first MLS Cup championship. Viewed as an underdog through their history – Colorado Rapid lines are an intriguing option for bettors as they have pulled out their share of upsets through their years.

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One of the founding members of Major League Soccer the Colorado Rapids have achieved modest success while remaining an underdog for the last two decades. In 20 years the Rapids have never finished better than third place in the Western Conference, but have gone on to two MLS Cups winning one in 2010. Since the Cup victory the state of the franchise has been rocky. The club has not finished higher than 5th in the West and has seen their record decline every year from 2013 to 2015. After the clubs last place finish in the West in 2015, their general manager made large changes acquiring top level talent including popular American player Tim Howard.

The biggest rival of the Rapids is Real Salt Lake. Since Real Salt Lake entered the league in 2005 the two teams have competed for the Rocky Mountain Cup. Colorado won the cup the first two seasons, but from 2007 to 2012 Real Salt Lake won. The Cup has alternated back and forth since 2012. The return of a rivalry between Sporting Kansas City and Colorado is expected as Kansas returned to the Western Conference in 2015 – after playing ten years in the East. Before the move, the teams had met three times in the playoffs – and once since KC moved to the East. In those four meetings Kansas City has a 3-1 advantage. 

The Rapids played in two different stadiums before Dicks Sporting Goods Park opened it gates in 2007. Located in a suburb of Denver, the park is one of the smaller venues in Major League Soccer with a capacity of 18,000 for most games – almost 20,000 for playoffs. For the majority of the games the stadium is at or close to capacity.