The Washington Capitals joined the NHL in 1974, bringing an NHL expansion team to the United States capitol. This franchise has had some truly spectacular down years, especially during their first decade, when they set a low watermark for the worst season ever by an NHL franchise, finishing with the fewest number of points in history. During the regular season, Washington Capitals lines reflect the team as favourites, although their playoff reputation is far less than stellar.

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Since the ownership of the Washington Capitals changed hands to Ted Leonsis in 1999, the team has witnessed a rise in consistency, including their first President’s Trophy in 2010. Despite the addition of some of the best players in the current era of the sport, the Caps only conference championship and finals appearance took place in 1998, when they were swept by the powerhouse Detroit Red Wings – a team stacked with future All-Stars.

Typically, the Capitals tend to earn top billing within their division, winning eight division titles since the turn of the century. Within their own conference, they have run into quite a bit of trouble in the playoffs, suffering through three game seven defeats against the Rangers between 2011-2015. The trend of playoff futility continued in the 2016 playoffs when they were unable to defeat the Penguins, despite finishing atop the standings of the NHL for the second time in their history.

In terms of the quality of their lineup, the Capitals have a reputation of being an offense first squad, easily dominating lesser teams with their overwhelming firepower. Consistency on defense and the ability to win close games tend to win championships, which speaks to their main weakness. On a perennial basis, the Washington Capitals haven’t been able to translate terrific regular season play into the playoffs, even when they feature a terrific blueline and solid goaltending.

At best, the Caps tend to make the second round of the playoffs before coming up against an immovable object that triumphs over the irresistible force of Washington’s offense. Considering the talent that they’ve developed through the draft and smart personnel moves, it’s a safe bet that the Capitals will at least compete in the post season in the near future. However, it will take a tremendous amount of effort to avoid the usual playoff disappointment, especially against top powers like Chicago and Pittsburgh, as well as up and coming squads like Edmonton.