Similar to the Winnipeg Jets, the NHL left Minnesota despite the popularity of the sport in the region. The original Minnesota North Stars team moved to Dallas, and the controversy that arose essentially forced the NHL to promise an expansion team for the twin cities in the near future. That promise was upheld in the year 2000, with Minnesota Wild lines performing fairly well for a team that was forced into a reboot due to business circumstances.

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The Minnesota Wild are technically an expansion team, even though the NHL was out of the Minneapolis area for only a few years due to the Minnesota North Stars moving to Dallas. In a cruel twist of fate, the Dallas Stars, utilizing players who were part of the Minnesota North Stars, won the Stanley Cup the year before the Wild played their first season in the year 2000. Although the team has never been awful, the only accomplishment of note has been their division championship in 2007-08. They also beat Patrick Roy into retirement after Brunette scored a game seven overtime series winner in 2003.

Since the Wild haven’t managed to make it out of their conference, the team isn’t considered a huge threat to other western conference powers. However, the team’s traditional commitment to defence and general consistency from year-to-year means that they’re not considered an easy out either. They’ve been able to surprise rivals who aren’t prepared to work through a clogged neutral and offensive zone.

The Wild have usually had a great deal of trouble scoring goals, often relying on an elite sniper to produce the majority of their goals. Secondary scoring has been at a premium throughout the history of the franchise, even when the squad dipped into the free agent market to quickly reload. Coached by defensive wizards such as Lemaire, the little success the Wild have experienced have been through their ability to completely shut down opposing forwards and create great goalies out of good ones. 

While nobody in the NHL considers the Wild to be an overwhelming favourite, the team may be considered a dark horse as long as they maintain their defensive integrity. With the development of young talent and the acquisition of a top free agent, the Wild could shift into the upper tier of western conference if they manage their offseason well.