A once proud franchise that was a regular championship contender in the 1980’s and 90’s, the Utah Jazz have struggled to build a winning organization in recent years. There has been only one playoff appearance for the Jazz since the 2010-11 season and they were promptly swept in the first found by San Antonio. Playing in the tough Western Conference doesn’t help much, but Utah’s brass has to develop a plan aiming at sustained success. [+]

That being said, Utah Jazz lines offer some interesting betting opportunities throughout the course of the year because visitors always have a tough time playing in Utah. No matter how good or bad the Jazz may be during a given season, they are always a tough out at home.

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As mentioned earlier, Utah’s issue the past few seasons is the fact that management hasn’t fully embraced or been committed to starting a full rebuild. This team has gotten younger of late, but it’s piece by piece and they’ve often found themselves in that dreaded position of not being bad enough for a franchise-changer at the top of the draft, or good enough to compete for a title. It’s known as “no man’s land” in the NBA and the Jazz organization has to make a big change philosophically soon for that to change.

From a betting perspective, Utah brings up some interesting opportunities throughout the course of any season. For all their recent struggles overall, they are always a dangerous team at home and they catch plenty of visiting teams in bad scheduling spots when they visit Utah. Opponents often find their trips to Utah as part of back-to-back games – usually with Denver – or at the end or start of a long road trip. Those are never favourable spots for road teams, let alone ones that are laying points as favourites. These are situations that come up multiple times every year and should be scouted for when bettors go through Utah’s schedule.

Going forward, the success of Utah will depend heavily on the play and growth from guys like Rudy Gobert, Gordon Hayward, and Trey Burke. The team has been more committed to getting younger and the next few years with this core will show NBA bettors if this team can be a legitimate threat on a nightly basis, not just at home in quality scheduling spots.