The NHL’s Pacific division has been owned by the state of California in recent years. Everyone knows about the L.A Kings and their two Stanley Cups in three years (2012, 2014), but San Jose and Anaheim are consistently among the division leaders each and every year. Aside from those teams, this division holds Arizona, and three Western Canadian teams (Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary) who are all in various early stages of rebuilding. [+]

NHL hockey in those Canadian cities is as critiqued as ever though, especially since Connor McDavid’s arrival (Edmonton) in the NHL was the most hyped since Sidney Crosby came around. Online NHL Pacific betting lines add plenty of excitement to these late-night games for fans and bettors alike each season.

NHL Pacific Betting Lines

With a clear division in class between the top half and bottom half of the Pacific division, NHL Pacific betting lines have been heavily weighted to those California franchises. You can see the moneyline odds for all the seven Pacific division teams next games below.

Results / Fixtures

NHL Pacific Standings

Since realignment, the Anaheim Ducks have owned this division, finishing first in the NHL Pacific standings three consecutive seasons. That streak likely won’t last with the Canadian teams turning the corner soon. Check the chart below to see how the standings are shaking out this season.


How To Bet On NHL Pacific Division

Anaheim has been a great team for bettors to back during the regular season with their 151 wins since realignment, compared to just 95 defeats in regulation or OT. 56 games over the .500 mark in three season is something bettors and sportsbooks can't ignore, which is why you've often seen the Ducks as hefty favorites (-170 or higher) at home during that span.

However, for the most part, the Ducks have burned away much of those profits with their lack of post-season success during that time as bettors who aren't able to jump off Anaheim's bandwagon during the 'second season' can attest too. San Jose has earned a similar reputation as a team that performs well during the 82-game year but can't get it done in the playoffs and until that changes for either of these franchises it is something to keep in mind when handicapping Pacific division betting lines.

Yet, the biggest thing to keep an eye on in this division is the progression of the Edmonton Oilers now that Connor McDavid has arrived. This is an organization that has more losses than any other franchise in the league since 2010 and are counting on McDavid to be somewhat of a saviour. He is a generational talent that should do plenty to propel the Oilers up the standings in the coming years, and if you can be one of the first on that ride when Oilers betting lines still have plenty of value – especially as big underdogs – a growing bankroll will almost certainly follow.