The New Orleans Pelicans became Anthony Davis’ team when they drafted #1 overall in 2012. Pelicans fans and management believed he would be the savior for an organization that has experienced limited success in their brief existence. Yet, things haven’t quite worked out that way for New Orleans so far as they’ve failed to surround Davis with a strong supporting cast and injuries to Davis have stunted the Pelicans progress. [+]

That being said, the 2016-17 season and beyond will be ones of great interest regarding New Orleans Pelicans lines. The “Davis Era” felt some success in 14-15 with a playoff appearance and many believe this team is right on the cusp of becoming a legitimate threat in the Western Conference on a yearly basis.

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Chris Paul was the pride of this organization after a few rough expansion years, but the same problem that affected Paul is what Davis is currently dealing with; minimal help around him. The NBA is a superstar driven league, but one guy can only take you so far as the season goes along and the championship calibre teams always have a handful (at least) of guys they can count on in the clutch. Davis has bloomed into a Bona Fide superstar in the NBA and his best years are still ahead of him, but he’s got to remain healthy. He’s yet to come close to playing a full 82-game season in his first four seasons in the league, and the Pelicans need him on the floor to have a chance at success.

Surrounding Davis is a constantly changing cast of characters. Management has been trying to do everything they can to give their superstar help, but nothing has had much success to this point. The 15-16 season saw New Orleans finish with their fewest wins (30) since Davis’ rookie season and it was a huge step back for a team that finished 45-37 a year earlier.

Bettors felt the brunt of that decline too as the Pelicans finished with one of the league’s worst against the spread (ATS) records at 36-45-1. That number is bankroll burning at best, but if you believe that Davis can remain healthy and will continue to improve (he should), backing this team on the New Orleans Pelicans lines over the next few years could pay off handsomely.