Often considered the Knicks or the Cubs of the NHL, the Toronto Maples Leafs have a completely dedicated fanbase that lives and dies with the team, even though the squad hasn’t done anything of note in decades. Similar to other original six teams, other than Montreal, Toronto had to overcome horrendous ownership before getting a chance to sniff glory. Lately, Toronto Maple Leafs lines show that they’re in a rebuild process, attempting to find the same success as other original six teams during the past couple of decades.

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As immortalized by the Tragically Hip’s classic Fifty Mission Cap, the Maple Leafs last won the cup when Bill Barilko’s body was discovered, years after the crash that claimed his life after his heroic game-winning, broken-leg goal that won them the Cup in 1951. Known colloquially as the Barilko curse, the blame for the Leafs woes over a half-century were then transferred to the Harold Ballard curse, who was the owner that helped to drive the franchise into the dirt during the 70s and 80s.

The Leafs are often considered among the worst teams in their division and conference, missing the playoffs on a regular basis after Mats Sundin left the team. The last time that the Leafs earned a division championship was in the 1999-2000 season. Incredibly, the Maple Leafs have never won a conference championship, as their last trip to the Stanley Cup finals predates the creation of the modern conference system. Such is the woes of the Leafs. 

Typically, the Leafs have been characterized by a lack of depth, often relying on one or two superstars to provide the lion share of the scoring. While they’ve usually had at least one all-star forward on their squad, they’ve never managed to complement their best players with top notch defencemen. As a result, the team often gets overwhelmed by teams with solid, consistent defence, even when the Leafs goaltender stand on their head to keep them in the game.  

As you may imagine, the lack of solid management has lead the Leafs into a lengthy rebuild situation, although the league’s top coaches, executives and insiders have recently signed on to guide the long-suffering team back to the promised land. With the recent award of a first overall pick for their futility, the Leafs may be able to get back into contention with the addition of a marquee superstar free agent signing such as Steven Stamkos.