The Carolina Hurricanes started their existence as the Hartford Whalers, a much beloved team that was relocated due to financial issues in 1997. After moving, the Canes managed to build a championship team less than a decade later, much to the chagrin of New England hockey fans. Lately, Carolina Hurricanes lines reflect the fact that they’re in a rebuild phase, trading away one of the last remaining stars from their Cup winning squad.

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May 6, 1997 was the day that Peter Karmanos revealed that the Whalers would move to Carolina. The team would take home their first division championship in 1998-99 and earn a conference championship for the first time in franchise history in 2001-02. Backstopped by ascendant goalie Cam Ward, the Hurricanes won their first Stanley Cup in 2005-06. Formerly, as the Whalers, the team started as a professional squad in the WHA in 1972, becoming the first WHA team to perform well in the NHL during the 1979 season. 

After moving to Carolina, the Hurricanes managed to become fierce competitors in the conference in the early 2000s. However, the team never managed to recapture their peak, struggling to replace key pieces with ill-fated free agent signings and trades. Over the past few years, the Canes have resided mostly in the basement of the eastern conference, missing the playoffs for several consecutive years.

During their successful years, the Canes were characterized by having one of the deepest lineups down the middle, with the brothers Staal and other strong centres and defensemen making Carolina difficult to play against. Unfortunately for the franchise, pretty much everything that made them a remarkable franchise slowly drained away, partially due to an inability to rebuild through solid scouting and drafting. Making matters worse, the incredible goaltending they received during their Stanley Cup run never manifested again. 

At this point, the fate of the Hurricanes over the next few seasons will be decided by the quality of their draft picks. When teams miss the playoffs for five or more years consecutively, it typically signals difficulty with the management in charge of the franchise. In the Canes case, it may still take a few years to rebound from a “win now at all costs” philosophy that slowly deflated the team.