The Montreal Alouettes were officially founded in 1946. The name, Alouettes translates to “skylarks” in English. The team has a convoluted history and has ceased operations on some occasions most notably between 1987 to 1995. Since their return, the “Als” have been a model of excellence and made the postseason 19 straight times resulting in three championships from eight Grey Cup appearances. Since the departure of Hall of Fame quarterback, Anthony Cavillo however, the franchise struggled and is in a period of rebuild. [+]

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Before 2015, the last time the Alouettes failed to make the playoffs was 1986. 1996 marked the team’s return to the CFL after a nine-year hiatus and  general manager, Jim Popp debuted with the franchise. 1998 marked the first season Calvillo suited up for the Alouettes and he, along with Popp, turned the franchise into a dynasty. His final season was 2013.

Gone are the days where the Alouettes lorded over the Eastern division. In the past two decades, the Als would stomp all over their division rivals although they would still concede games to them. In their current incarnation, they will look to split season series. In the postseason however, the Tiger-Cats have had their number eliminating them every time they encounter them. The Argonauts are another story as they are 6-4 against them since 1996.

The defense is a primary strength for the Alouettes. Their offense struggled tremendously in 2015 where the team finished second last in the league but savvy veteran quarterback, Kevin Glenn will find ways to make use of a scrappy set of receivers which include a combination of prospects, grizzled veterans and former all-stars. The Alouettes have the talent to contend again but it’s all about bringing the pieces cohesively and Jim Popp returning to coach could be the answer.

Anything is possible in the CFL so seeing the Alouettes return to the Grey Cup is not impossible but improbable. Their biggest hurdle will be the Tiger-Cats but despite their last place finish in 2015 they were still in most games thanks to their defense. A full season from reliable QB, Glenn and Popp returning to the sidelines, the Alouettes could definitely have a strong turnaround season.