Admit it, when you think of the NBA Finals you picture Marv Albert saying “Michael Jordan…Yes!” Well, MJ may be gone but the NBA Finals are better than ever if the past few seasons are any indication thanks to the likes of Kobe, LeBron, Dirk and the Big Three of Boston. Betting on the NBA Finals gives Canadian bettors seven games each year between the two best teams with agonizingly close spreads and nonstop action from tip-off to buzzer beater. The NBA Finals are where legacies are written as the players look to stamp their name into the history books with a championship. [+]

The intensity that has been ramped up the entire playoffs reaches a new level in the Finals where one make or miss can change to course of a franchise’s history. Getting to the NBA Finals is tough enough for players, but LeBron James has made it routine since 2011. James’ teams have made it to the Finals five straight times since then (entering the 2015-16 season) but bettors who backed LeBron the entire way there can’t be pleased with “The King” only coming away with two titles.

That’s part of what makes online NBA Finals betting so intriguing as it’s the superstars who get a team to that point, but it’s the supporting cast that helps bring home those rings.

NBA Finals Betting Lines

NBA Finals betting lines are typically the sharpest numbers bettors will see all year. Sportsbooks have an entire season of data to pull from, making betting on Finals games very tough. To see this year’s NBA Finals betting lines, check the chart below.

NBA Finals Betting Trends

Betting on favorites doesn’t always work in the NBA Playoffs, especially in the Finals. While favorites do often come away with the trophy, a straight-up sweep of 4 games of the other team is a rare sight indeed. For this reason, betting on the NBA Finals requires a game-by-game analysis, and don’t discount home court advantage. Buying points can be a good idea, especially with matchups of higher scoring teams. Most major sportsbooks, including the ones below, all offer the ability to buy points on the NBA Finals. Check out our list below of recommended NBA Finals sportsbooks for Canadian gamblers.

    How To Bet On NBA Finals

    With the point spreads and totals being extremely sharp during the NBA Finals, bettors have to look anywhere and everywhere to find an edge. Whether it’s a specific situation that comes up, subscribing to the “zig-zag theory” at times, or shopping around at different sportsbooks to get that prime number, no stone can be left unturned to win at this time of year. That being said, there are a couple of situational spots you can look for throughout the course of the NBA Finals.

    The first is to look towards the underdog on the spread and the ‘under’ on the total in Game 1. Blindly betting these two options each year isn’t a given, but with the increased pressure of the first Finals game, nerves can be a huge factor. The last thing any of the players want is to be down 0-1 and that’s why defence typically reigns supreme. Nerves create more missed shots (for ‘unders’), and the underdog is always looking to make a statement right out of the gate that they belong in this championship series.

    The second situation is another strong ‘under’ scenario for bettors and it concerns potential series clinching games and especially Game 7.

    Referees are best when they go unnoticed, and the last thing any of them want is to decide the championship game. That means their whistles are left in the pockets and the players are out there deciding it for themselves. Less fouls called means fewer free points from the free throw line, and it also means that bodies will be banging around in the paint without fear of getting called for “ticky-tac” fouls. Combine all of that with the player’s nerves being tremendous in a Game 7 of the NBA Finals and typically the best betting option out there on these games is to go ‘under’ the total.  

    With the huge changes in the online gaming industry, where most online sportsbooks are unable to accept new American customers, Canadians can really clean up with huge bonuses, special perks and tremendous Live Betting options. It’s never been easier or more profitable to bet on the NBA Finals for Canadian Online sports bettors.