Entering the 2016 campaign as the reigning champions, the Portland Timbers look to return to the MLS Cup Finals and become Major League Soccer’s next dynasty. With Portland’s rise to the top, Portland Timbers lines are a hot commodity for both bookmakers and bettors. On this site bettors can find live lines linked to the top wagering options for Canadians. As Major League Soccer continued its expansion into the Northwest of the U.S – Portland was awarded a franchise in 2011.

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The Portland Timbers have one first place finish in the Western Conference as of 2015. Check the Portland Timbers standings to see if this year’s club can do it again. 


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The team powered their way to their first playoff appearance in 2013 when they finished first overall in the West. That was not the year Portland would capture their first MLS Cup that honour would go to 2015 – when they finished third in the Western Conference and went on to beat the Columbus Crew 2-1 in the Cup Finals.

Portland Timbers play in the oldest MLS Stadium – even though the team only entered its sixth season in 2016. Providence Park – the sixth name is has held in the over 120 years it has sat downtown Portland – has gone through multiple renovations and has been expanded to fit close to 22,000 fans. The Timbers have consistently sold out the stadium and have 15,000 season ticket holders – with 10,000 fans on the waiting list.

As the fan flock to the stadium for every game the atmosphere becomes loud and raucous – especially when one of Portland’s biggest rivals come to town. The clubs two biggest rivals are the Seattle Sounders and the Vancouver Whitecaps. The three teams compete for the Cascadia Cup.

The Cup has been handed out for over ten years, but only since 2011 have all three teams played in the MLS. Since 2011 Portland has only won one Cup, but is the only club of the three to win the MLS Cup. As is the case with most MLS Western Conference teams the Timbers and their fans do not like the LA Galaxy. As the reigning MLS Cup champions most teams are out gunning for the Timbers in 2016, especially the team they defeated – the Columbus Crew.