One of the MLB’s first expansion teams, the Mets were founded in 1962 after New York’s National League teams, the Dodgers and the Giants left. The Mets have a colorful history as a franchise. They started off by setting an MLB record for futility going 40-120 in their inaugural season. They then produced one of the most dramatic upsets in sports history when they beat the the powerhouse Orioles to capture their first World Series title in 1969. [+]

The Mets are looking every bit like a World Series contender in recent years and gamblers can look to them as a solid bet.

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The Mets’ inaugural season was historic for the wrong reasons as they set an MLB record for losses with 120. They would remain a bottom feeder until their astonishing 1969 season where they captured their first World Series in an historic upset over a legendary Baltimore Orioles team. Their second World Series title came in 1986 over the Boston Red Sox. After struggling primarily in the 2000s, the Mets would return to the World Series in 2015 in a losing effort to the Kansas City Royals.

As a founding member of the NL East, the Mets started out as the division’s weakest team but worked their way up to respectability only finishing last twice since 1992. Still, they were just a mediocre team and have only won the division six times. In 2015, the Mets had their most dominant run since 2006 winning 61.8 percent of their games and having a winning record over the entire division.

The Mets are a loaded team from top to bottom especially with their pitching. Beginning with Matt Harvey and ending with Bartolo Colon, the Mets have the rare distinction of being capable of filling an ace-filled one through five. Their offense, led by Yoenis Cespedes has also been phenomenal and the Mets even added more assets to strengthen their bullpen and infield.

A return trip to the World Series is very feasible for the Mets who boast an embarrassment of riches in nearly every position. Even if injuries were to plague the team and a couple of players underperform, making the postseason should be expected. At worst, the Mets may get overtaken by other rising National League teams and miss the playoffs entirely despite a winning record.