The 49ers have one of the most storied franchises in NFL history. They have won 5, count’em 5 Super Bowl championships in 1981 (XVI), 1984 (XIX), 1988 (XXIII), 1989 (XXIV) and 1994 (XXIX). They have also won an amazing 6 conference championships and 19 division titles over the years. They have also been home to such all time NFL greats as Steve Young, John Brodie, Joe Montana, Joe Perry, Jimmy Johnson, Hugh McElhenny, Ronnie Lott, Charlie Krueger, Leo Nomellini, Bob St. Clair, Jerry Rice, Dwight Clark… [+]

After losing to the Seahawks in the Conference Championship game in 2013, they have been slowly slipping downhill. They’re hoping to avoid another playoff drought, like the 8 year rough patch between 2003 and 2008.

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Key dates in the team history. Too many to mention really. Let’s focus on Sunday, January 12, 2014. This is their last playoff win, when they beat the Panthers 23-10. This seems like such a lifetime ago, considering where the two teams have gone since that game. 

How strong is the team within its division/conference? This team is not well ranked or respected right now. They’re not expected to win more than a few games, but should have some cap-space and high draft picks coming their way soon. Rebuilding is tedious, but they can do it. 

What are the team’s main strengths vs weaknesses? Colin Kaepernick is good, but he can’t do it alone. Clearly. He’s going to need way more weapons and protection if he’s ever going to be able to even see the bar set by Young and Montana. 

How far does the team usually go in the league? This team is poised to sit in the basement for a few years, while they regroup and try to build a playoff team again.