Established in 1961, the Texas Rangers were originally the Washington Senators. They were awarded to the city after their first team, the original Senators relocated to Minnesota and became the Twins. In 1972, the team relocated to Arlington, Texas to become the Rangers. Their moniker is borrowed from the famous law enforcement agency of the same name. As a young franchise, the Rangers have accumulated six division titles. [+]

They also made back-to-back World Series appearances between 2010 and 2011 in losing efforts. The Rangers remain a solid team and gamblers can generally rely on them to produce results.

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As the Senators, the franchise had its first and lone winning season in 1969. They had to wait over 35 years to make the postseason in 1996 where they also won their division for the first time. They would however, suffer three consecutive eliminations to the Yankees but finally win a playoff series in 2010 and advance all the way to the World Series. In 2011, they set a franchise record for wins with 96 and again make the World Series in another losing effort.

Historically, the Rangers have been a middling team in the division but since the 2010s they have managed to win a fair share of titles with their most recent coming in 2015. Despite winning the division, they only won 47.4 percent of their division games and only had a winning record against the Houston Astros. It’d be remarkable to see how much better they fare if they played their rivals better.

If the Rangers have any outstanding weaknesses it’s their lack of depth and injury concerns. Their ace pitcher, Yu Darvish is coming back from Tommy John surgery and they also lost Yovani Gallardo. But if the pitching struggles, the offense can try to make up for it as the middle between Shin-Soo Choo, Prince Fielder and Adrian Beltre will be a threat in any division.

If the Rangers get Yu back and he’s the old Cy Young contender, this will really shore up their pitching, which will look quite thin without him. If the offense delivers like last season the Rangers can repeat as AL West champions or at least fight for a wild card spot. But if the injuries continue, Yu is not the same pitcher and the offense struggles even in small spurts, the Rangers may have another losing season.