The MLS continues to gain popularity, surviving a series of challenges to grow from ten teams in 1996 to a total of 24 by the 2020 season. Improvement of the product on the pitch has attracted increased notice lately, increasing the popularity of online MLS betting around the world. As the league continues to grow more profitable, teams will be able to attract a greater number of international stars through more lucrative contract offers. [+]

In 2017, Atlanta and Minnesota will begin their inaugural season, with Miami and a second Los Angeles team joining the MLS over the next few years.

MLS Betting Lines

When you need access to the latest MLS betting lines, you’ll be able to find the updated numbers located in this section. Before committing cash, always check the moneylines to ensure you’re getting decent value on your wager.

Results / Fixtures

Major League Soccer Standings

The Major League Soccer standings determine the teams which will participate in the post-season. This widget updates after every matchday, listing offensive and defensive stats for sides in the eastern and western conference.


Betting On Major League Soccer

Currently, the MLS regular season consists of 34 games stretched out between March and October, with the top six teams in each conference earning a ticket to the post-season. Playoffs begin with a knockout round, and the top two seeds earning a bye to the conference semi-finals. The semis and conference finals consist of two legs, with the winner determined by aggregate scoring. Finally, in December, the MLS Cup takes place, pitting the conference winners against each other in a one-off match for the championship.

Betting on the MLS tends to be a bit more difficult than wagering on other sports because of the potential for a draw. Predicting one of two potential outcomes is always less difficult than choosing between three different possibilities. On the other hand, if you happen to be adept at predicting draws, the MLS gives you a solid chance to earn decent payouts on moneylines.

The MLS has one of the strongest home-field advantages of any North American pro league, nearly doubling the odds of the home side winning compared to the visitor. This effect is magnified during the playoffs, especially for the MLS Cup, where the win rate for home teams hovers above 70%. Even the best teams in the MLS tend to have losing road records, which should make soccer betting fans wary of placing money on any team playing in a hostile environment. 

A shift of power appears to be developing in the MLS, with eastern conference teams appearing to make up ground on western conference rivals. Teams like the New York Red Bulls, NYC FC, Toronto FC and DC United have started to line up favorably against perennial contenders such as the Los Angeles Galaxy, Seattle Sounders, FC Dallas, Kansas City and the Colorado Rapids.  Since the year 2000, the western conference has won 13 MLS Cups, despite the eastern conference earning nine Supporters’ Shields during this time. This suggests that it’s much more difficult to earn points in the west than in the east due to the level of competition within the conference.