Sadly for Washington fans, the most headlines surrounding the Redskins these days is over the team constantly being under fire for the team’s racial sensitivity in their name. Their name has been called everything from “offensive”, “disparaging”, “insulting” and “taboo.” However, on the field, Washington made the playoffs in 2015 and may be on the cusp of building something. Over the years they have won 3 Super Bowl championships in 1982 (XVII), 1987 (XXII), 1991 (XXVI). [+]

They have also won the NFC 5 times, and won their division 14 times. They have also been the home for a number of legendary players over the years, such as Joe Theismann, Sonny Jurgensen, Darrell Green, Charley Taylor, Larry Brown, John Riggins, Bobby Mitchell, Dave Butz, Sam Huff and Art Monk.

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Key dates in the team history. January 26, 1992: The last time Washington won a Super Bowl, beating the Bills by a score of 37-24.  

How strong is the team within its division/conference? The team has become one of the strongest in the NFC east, and could be poised to move up in the NFL next year. But it’s more likely they slip back as the rest of the division pulls it together. 

What are the team’s main strengths vs weaknesses? This team has tools, but their recent success has been attributed to a weak and underperforming division in recent years. They’re not very deep, nor talented, so they will have to get the most from just about everyone if they’re able to return to the playoffs, much less advance in them. 

How far does the team usually go in the league? They are currently ranked middle of the pack by most NFL experts and pundits, despite the division title. They can take this as motivation and prove to the world that they are for real, and not simply the best team in a mess of a division.