The Stanley Cup Playoffs is the most exciting time of year for hockey fans and they aren’t shy about getting in on the action. NHL Stanley Cup betting lines are always a popular bet from April until June with fans looking to cash in on who they believe will end up hoisting the Cup this year. Whether it’s various pools, or using the many online Stanley Cup betting lines offered at sportsbooks each year, bettors need to know and develop their own systems and situations to look for during the playoffs because the seven-game series format against the same team brings added challenges.

Stanley Cup Playoffs Betting Lines

NHL Stanley Cup betting lines can surprise many as there are upsets every year and often times one of those ‘darkhorse’ teams makes a deep playoff run. To see upcoming betting lines for the next playoff games, check out where you can get that action below.

Stanley Cup Playoffs Betting Sites

Stanley Cup playoffs betting sites are everywhere online. Use the chart to find the sportsbooks that are offering great moneyline prices and the best bonuses.

    How To Bet On NHL Playoffs

    Having success during the NHL playoffs takes a lot of time, discipline,and a little luck. With every game meaning so much, there aren’t the typical regular season spots to look for like letdown spots or fatigued teams playing three games in four nights. Both sides get equal rest throughout a series, and there aren’t any “easy” opponents to overlook, so bettors have to dig deeper for an edge during playoff time.

    One simplistic idea that numerous bettors subscribe to is that of the “Zig-Zag Theory”. Simply put, bettors like to play ‘on’ a team in Game 2 that lost Game 1 and follow a similar pattern throughout the series – ie playing against the winner of the most recent game. Obviously, having success betting the playoffs isn’t as simple as that, but incorporating the Zig Zag theory as a tool in your handicapping tool box does have it’s place. Typically it works better when a team returns home after a blowout loss on the road for example.

    Another great betting system to track during the is totals betting. Games are called tighter by the refs during the post-season, and that means there will be fewer power-play opportunities and ultimately fewer goals. Looking at playing the ‘under’ in games throughout the playoffs as an initial lean can pay off long term, especially in Game 1’s of a series when there is a feeling out process, and in potential elimination games when teams are doing everything they can to keep the puck out of their net.

    Finally, we can’t forget about another “theory” that gets tossed around concerning playing ‘on’ teams that are in position to get swept. Many believe that playoff teams are almost always good enough to win at least one playoff game and will back these teams blindly in Game 4. Yet, sweeps do happen and it’s never a sure thing that you won’t see a decent team lose four in a row.