More formally known as the UEFA European Championship, the Euro Cup or “Euro” is the premiere international competition pitting the top European men’s soccer teams against each other. The teams are a part of UEFA, the administrative body of association football in Europe. Beginning in 2016, the tournament will be contested between 24 teams divided by six groups of four. The 16 most winningest teams will compete in the knockout stages. More teams may mean more upsets and more drama as gamblers lick their chops.

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Soccer Euro Cup Standings

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How To Bet On Soccer Euro Cup

While not as prominent as the World Cup, the Euro Cup is still one of the most esteemed tournaments. Some may even argue it’s better from a competitive standpoint than the World Cup because of how soccer-rich the continent is. Now adding an extra eight teams, there will be plenty more betting opportunities for both hungry gamblers and fans alike and statistically speaking, the more teams present the more chance of upsets.

Since the first tournament in 1960, two teams have asserted their dominance: Spain and Germany. Only 5 of the 14 tournaments featured a Finals that didn’t have either team. Both teams have 3 titles apiece. Germany has made 6 Finals appearances while Spain has made 4. While it may seem obvious to bet these dynasties, every tournament is a different scenario and being familiar with any recent roster changes is a must before betting on either team.

Every Euro Cup seems to always end in disappointment for English fans. England has the third-most top-eight finishes with eight but has only progressed to the semifinals twice and has never played in the Finals. Yet every year they are one of the most touted teams and are usually a top-five team expected to win it all. Most cynical English fans may not believe it but the prestigious soccer nation may finally get its due. Just make sure to not get carried away like previous times when betting them.

For the first time in Euro Cup history, the tournament will be contested between 24 teams and will expand from 4 groups to 6. There will be a lot of debuting teams like Iceland, Slovakia and Northern Ireland. The new format could mean many things but as the groups will be watered down and the disparity between the elite and mediocre will be more pronounced.