The NFC North is one of the most storied divisions in all of professional sports, not just football. The whole division is essentially one giant rivalry. Pretty much everyone has a historical gripe with all of the other 3 teams in the division. It’s also one of the oldest divisions in sports. The combined ages of its current teams is approaching 350 years old, with mainstays like the Minnesota Vikings, the Chicago Bears, the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions.  [+]

People have been betting on these teams for a long time. And it’s fun because even when a team is heavily favoured, the interdivisional rivalry, pride and media hype means the underdog is going to give them a fight.

NFC North Betting Lines

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NFC North Standings

Here is a look at the up-to-date National Football Conference North Standings. Check back every weekend to see who’s on top and who’s struggling to find the end zone.


How To Bet On National Football Conference North

As said above, just because someone is favored in the standings, doesn’t mean they’re a lock. Not even close. On paper, the Vikings and Packers are the favorites to battle it out for the division lead again. But that doesn’t mean betting on the Bears beating either team is a bad bet. 

The Lions are always underdogs. As a franchise, they own one of the lowest winning percentages in the NFL, including the only winless 16-game season in NFL history, in 2008. 

They also have the shameful mark of being the only NFC team with no Super Bowl games in their history. So, if you’re looking to bet on an underdog, The Lions would be the first team to look at. 

But what chance do they have? Not much. They lost Calvin Johnson, and for them to make any sort of push towards relevance, they would need a career year from just about everyone on offence, defence, special teams, coaching and even the popcorn guy in the stands. 

Have fun with the Lions this year. They ARE going to win a few games? But which ones? Pick your battle and you can get a big payday if 1) The team they’re playing fails to beat the spread, or 2) they upset a higher ranked team.