The Indiana Pacers are a franchise that’s earned the reputation of typically being a good, but not great team, and that can be problematic for NBA bettors. Knowing that the Pacers are likely playoff participants each year will bring bettors some wins when backing Indiana Pacers lines, but they can never seemingly get over that hump of getting to the NBA Finals. They’ve made it once in their history (2000). Betting on the Pacers consistently does bring frustration because this organization is consistently inconsistent. [+]

There are times when they steamroll lesser competition only to get beat down by those same teams in the next game. If there ever is a team to be cautious with betting on in this league the Indiana Pacers are it.

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Since the Reggie Miller era in Indiana, the Pacers have appeared to be constantly wrestling internally with the identity of their team and how they want to play. They found some solid success in the late-2000’s by playing a grinding, defensive-minded style, but their inability to score, ore even turn to a guy to get them buckets proved to be the downfall to that idea.

Since then, Indiana has put their hopes on the shoulders of Paul George and he’s blossomed into an All-Star that can light up the score sheet seemingly at will. Management has tried to put complementary pieces around George to help, but that right mix hasn’t been found yet and when George is having an off-night, the Pacers really struggle. They have morphed into a more offensive-minded program in recent years but their supporting cast lacks consistency scoring the basketball, and struggles on defence hold them back as well.

These are just a few of the reasons why NBA bettors struggle with Pacers game year in and year out. Indiana finished with a 41-40-1 ATS mark in the 2015-16 season and that number proves that this team is basically a .500 team that bettors can’t continually back on a nightly basis. That means that picking your spots with Indiana betting lines is a must.

Going forward, the Pacers organization is hoping that C Myles Turner can turn into that rim protector they need to shore up their defensive woes and stretch the floor offensively. If that’s the type of player Turner develops into, bettors should be able to see much more consistent winning from Indiana in the coming years.