Online NBA Betting is the second most popular wager behind the NFL for North American bettors. Each NBA season brings plenty of betting action at all sorts of sportsbooks, with the bulk of it coming from NBA fans throughout the US following their team(s). With betting options like full game point spreads and totals, and even point spreads and totals for each half, bettors can always find something to bet on throughout a season to satiate their appetite. [+]

However, with the NBA being a superstar-driven league and the nature of the game (ie constant scoring every minute), online NBA bettors really have to do their homework on teams, players, situations, and even referee assignments to find great success in this field.

The National Basketball Association is decades old, but really only came into its own in the days of Magic, Larry Legend and M during the 80’s. Since then the players have changed and the shorts have (thankfully) gotten longer, but it’s still the most exciting 5-on-5 action on the hardcourt. With the biggest scores of any professional major sport, NBA basketball lends itself well to sports betting.

With 30 teams and several games each week per team, the opportunities to wager are numerous. Betting fortunes can rise or fall depending on one player sitting a game out, so Canadian sports bettors will want to approach basketball betting with a fair amount of research. Most sportsbooks help out with betting tips and game previews, so before you place that 4-game parlay, check out the starting lineup.

NBA Betting Lines

In a sport where any given team can not only lose, but lose badly, any night, betting on the NBA requires dedication and a lot of homework. [+]

Traditional matchups offer some insight, but often it’s a matter of taking a spread and figuring out if it’s worth the risk as one garbage bucket can (and all too often does) swing the entire betting result. With such high scores and momentum shifts, many bettors prefer to stick to Total bets and Live Betting wagers. Check out our odds comparison below to figure out who’ll be your go to sportsbook come NBA betting time.

Results / Fixtures

NBA Standings

Checking the NBA standings on a weekly basis can help you figure out which upcoming games to target as betting options. This year’s current NBA standings can be seen below.


How To Bet On NBA

All sportsbooks that offer lines on North American sports will feature the NBA Playoffs, but Canadian sports bettors should stick to those sportsbooks that offer a wide selection of props, futures and Live Betting options, as most games will be nationally televised. Check out our list of recommended sportsbooks and get ready for one heck of an NBA Playoffs.

Since the NBA is a superstar-driven league and one star can dramatically affect the outcome of games, you will see the team's with those top-tier stars winning plenty of games. Cleveland has LeBron James, Golden State has Steph Curry, San Antonio has Kawhi Leonard, and Oklahoma City has Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. Those four franchises have done a lot of winning in recent years with those stars at the helm, and Golden State even set the regular season win record in 2015-16 with a 73-9 record for the entire season.

Yet, while those franchises are the likely combatants come NBA Finals time, the league is full of other quality teams that can turn you a profit against the spread. The Raptors have quietly improved their record each year under coach Dwane Casey and they are definitely a team on the rise. [+]

Another outsider team that could climb up the standings soon are the Minnesota Timberwolves. Minnesota is stocked with top-tier young talent like Andrew Wiggins and Ricky Rubio, and it's likely only a matter of time before they become a perennial playoff team. Backing them during this projected ascent will allow you to find plenty of value on the T-Wolves.

Finally, one has to mention the fact that the NBA season is a long and grinding one and all the games and travel can wear down anyone. Talent tends to win out in the end in this league, but there are plenty of betting spots throughout the season where the more talented team is worn down or simply disinterested in playing an inferior opponent. Those are great times to look to take the points with the underdog as perception plays a big part in NBA betting for most that wager simply for action. If you want to consistently grow your bankroll, being aware of these spots and capitalizing on them is a must.