Owning it’s majority share of Major League Soccer’s championships, the Western Conference is a powerhouse and filled with some the top MLS clubs, including the historically dominant LA Galaxy and the quick up-and-comer Portland Timbers. With late starts and great players it is easy to get excited about the MLS’ Western Conference. For all the online MLS Western Conference betting lines check back here regularly and starting making the best bets on the west.

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How To Bet On MLS Western Conference

The Western Conference is home to the most successful franchise in MLS history. With 5 MLS Cups, the LA Galaxy is a soccer powerhouse and a pivotal player in the successful rise of the popularity of soccer in North America. LA is not the only successful franchise in the West. The clubs based out of Colorado, Houston, Portland, Salt Lake City and Kansas City have all won at least one MLS Cup. Overall – through the league’s first 20 years of operation – a Western Conference team has won the Cup 14 times (70% of the leagues championships), dominating the MLS landscape.

The handful of teams in the West that have yet to win a MLS Cup have still shown competitiveness. This includes the lone Canadian franchise in the West – the Vancouver Whitecaps. The Whitecaps have seen some success in their first few seasons, improving each season.

Some great rivalries exist in the Western Conference, with maybe the best soccer rivalry in North American soccer. The California Clásico is a rivalry between the LA Galaxy and San Jose Earthquakes. In many ways these games are some of the most exciting regular season games a player can bet on. Through the first 55 regular season matches LA leads the series with 22 wins, San Jose has 18 wins and the teams have finished in a draw 15 times. With a goal differentiate of only 4 through 55 games, this series is a joy for MLS fans and bettors.

The most popular betting options available for Major League Soccer and Western Conference clubs is the money line. Money lines in the MLS are broken down into three options, home team wins, away team wins or the game ends in a draw. With three options most money lines are positive, meaning a wager of $100 will net a return of over $100. During the LA Galaxy’s most dominating years their money lines would often be between -130 and -180 with draw being around +300 and the opponent running a line around +350 to +450. Typically draws have the highest paid out, but often when weaker Eastern Conference foes travel to the West the lines will reflect it with the road team winning netting the biggest payout.