Formed in 1901 the American League is the younger of the two major leagues but plays anything but second fiddle to the National League. Home to the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox helps raise the AL’s profile and the Designated Hitter has also helped with the offence. Introduced in 1973 the DH was the first major shift between the two leagues. The DH took pitcher’s spot in the batting order and increased the quality of the offence and has helped the AL routinely outscore the NL year after year.

American League Betting Lines

For all the upcoming matchups across the American League and for the AL teams involved in interleague play check out the widget below. Have a look at the latest odds to wager on the game or games of your choice.

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American League Standings

It’s a long season and the AL standings can change nightly. Check the widget here to see where your favourite teams stack up in the divisional and wild card races.


How To Bet On MLB American League

As is the case with most baseball wagering the tool of choice for providing odds is the money line. For example if the Houston Astros are favourites in a game against the Seattle Mariners, the Astros will have a negative line and the Mariners will have a positive one. If Houston is at -225 and Seattle is at +225 you would have to wager $225 on the 'Stros to win $100 and $100 on the M's to win $225. Money lines are routinely used for action on single games and series wagers. 

The designated hitter has given the offense in the AL a boost which usually gives American League games a higher number for over/under bets and playing the spread. That's not to say every game in the AL will put up video game scores. There is usually enough quality starting pitching in the league to keep some of those scores down and there may even be a pitchers' duel every now and then. It's always good to have a look at the pitcher matchup and who's swing a hot bat when doing your wagering research.    

While the Yankees and Red Sox usually grab their share of the headlines there are plenty of teams to follow across the American League. The resurgent Toronto Blue Jays have reinvigorated a fan base that is both local and national. The Baltimore Orioles and Kansas City Royals have also brought excitement back to their ballparks. You can also never count out teams like the Oakland Athletics and Tampa Bay Rays who punch above their weight given their smaller budgets. Whatever your choice of action it's available across the American League.