The Houston Rockets seemingly changed the course of their franchise when they got James Harden from OKC and made him the centrepiece of the franchise. Harden was just coming into his own as a dominant scorer in the NBA at the time and wanted to be the #1 guy after spending his first few years behind Westbrook and Durant with the Thunder. Well, Harden has lived up to everything and more Houston thought they were getting with him, but championship success hasn’t followed. [+]

A big part of Houston failing to get to the promised land is the idea that they can’t settle on the best coach or philosophy to employ. Harden is known as a “ball stopper” in that he doesn’t like to pass, and that’s also created plenty of dissension within the ranks at Houston. Yet, Houston Rockets lines are still ones that bettors try to capitalize on throughout the year.

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Harden has been one of the league’s best scorers since he arrived in Houston. It’s why you’ll find Houston Rockets scores at the higher end of the spectrum on a yearly basis. Track their schedule and results below.

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Houston really thought they had the makings of a championship team when they brought Harden over, but it’s really only been a calamity of problems during that time as well. Numerous players come and go as Harden’s supporting cast, and almost all of them get frustrated with the lack of ball movement the Rockets offensive philosophy relies on. For the most part the Rockets strategy the past few years has been “give the ball to Harden and get out of the way” and that can only work for so long in this league.

Given all the dissension and inability to stick with a head coach, the future for this Rockets organization is cloudy at best. They’ve got one of the best scorers in the league with Harden, but they can’t seem to build a winning program around him or even keep/find players that want to be there. Mentally they are known as a team that will fold up shop when the going gets tough and there have been plenty of bettors to capitalize on that knowledge the past few seasons.

Whether or not that changes in the near future remains to be seen, but until that happens, betting on the Rockets to win outright or cover spreads is one of the riskier propositions in this league right now.