The history of the Cincinnati Reds dates all the way back to 1876 were they were known as the Cincinnati Red Stockings and were the first true professional baseball team in America although they didn’t become a charter member until 1882. In their 122 major league seasons, they have accumulated five World Series titles, nine NL pennants and ten total division titles. They are nicknamed the “Big Red Machine” after the dynasty team in the 1970s. [+]

Once a World Series contender, the Reds have now started to rebuild for the next phase. Gamblers may want to view them as an underdog bet or cheap value play.

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The franchise won its first World Series in 1919 in its first playoff appearance. In the 1970s, the Reds acquired their “Big Red Machine” nickname when they made the postseason six times on the strength of four NL pennants and back-to-back World Series titles. Their last World Series championship came in 1990 and their last playoff appearance, in 2013.

The Reds have three NL Central titles and a wild card appearance but haven’t finished higher than third since 2001. In 2015, the Reds finished with their worst record in 33 years and were just one win away from finishing in the bottom of the majors altogether. They finished with a 43.4 winning percent in the division. Their only winning record came against the Pittsburgh Pirates, who finished second in the division.

As the Reds enter a period of rebuild, their team’s makeup will shift constantly as they continue to ship away proven commodities for prospects and picks. They are still anchored by former MVP, Joey Votto in terms of their offense and super prospect, Raisel Iglesias gets to show if he’s ready to lead the pitching rotation. The Reds have a combination of players who can win now and players who can win later and are a makeshift team at best.

Like most teams in a transition, the Reds have the potential to be very bad. If Iglesias and their prospects prove to still be unready, Votto has an off-season and their established players just mail it in, last place in the majors is a definite possibility. At best, Votto can have another MVP-caliber season and helps carry the offense, Iglesias steals some games and the Reds have a middling season as they prepare for the future.