The National Football League generates the largest portion of online betting action throughout the year, even in Canada. The hard-hitting action of the NFL is the weekly tradition for millions of North Americans, many of them Canadians, who enjoy nothing better than to get together on Sunday to watch at least three games on the TV. With so many viewers there are an equal amount of opinions, and with that comes the action.? [+]

The usual arguments of who will win and by how many points make up what is the most popular bets placed at online sportsbooks. Here below is an odds comparison table that will help you make your decision before the big game kicks off. It is a compilation of different odds from the best online sportsbooks in Canada. This guide will save you time and, in effect, money as you shorten you research time and increase preparations-for- game time.

NFL Betting Lines

Point Spread is so popular and common among National Football League bettors that there is nothing worse than opening page after page in your browser trying to compare odds to find the ones you want. With our odds comparison table, all you need to do is find the game you are looking for, and follow the Point Spread bar across to see what each sportsbook is offering. [+]

Money Line and Game Total bets are just as favored as the Point Spread when it comes to the NFL. These are the basic bets that to a keen eye offer odds that can make you money. As betting lines move, your chances of pinpointing football odds that you like and placing a wager accordingly is exponentially increased when you use our odds comparison table. When you hear that good tip or feel that hunch, this method helps you act quicker in nailing down the bet you want.

Results / Fixtures

NFL Standings

Here is a look at the up-to-date NFL Standings. Check back every weekend to see who’s on top and who’s struggling to find the end zone. 


How To Bet On NFL

The NFL recently added Thursday games to help curb people’s mid-week pigskin withdrawal symptoms, but most games take place on Sunday, with a big-ticket game on Monday night. Most of your football betting action is going to take place on the weekend, with Sunday being the day you’ll want to have 7 TVs going at the same time. When placing your NFL bets, everyone you know will have advice. So don’t try to do everything that everyone says, or you will lose all your sanity and money. Every Monday morning, you will meet dozens of I-Told-You-So-ers, who had a good weekend betting, based on insights they likely don’t even have. Most people bet based on instinct and a few raw stats. But you know better than that. [+]

Look for the Panthers and Packers to fight for the right to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. Both these teams are hungry, talented and experienced. It’s hard to imagine anyone from the NFC East beating either of these teams. As for the AFC, The Patriots ARE the New England Patriots, and they are the favorites for a reason. Each year, they bring in top tier talent and light up the scoreboard, week after week. 

The Falcons, Saints and Buccaneers were all active and productive during the free agency season. The Bucs had a rough finish to the regular season after dropping 4 straight games, after being 6-6 at one point, and shouting distance from the playoffs. They can bounce back and win you some money while doing so. 

Typically the best teams in the NFL will win between 12-15 games. Whereas the worst teams will still find a way to win 4,5, or even 6 games in a season. So who will they beat? That’s where you make your money. Most experts say you will always make more money picking underdogs wisely when betting on football, versus riding the favorites. And as a rule of thumb, you’re better off betting on a strong defence at home. Good D is that much better with the home crowd noise screaming behind it. And that takes the pressure off the offence.