After the Quebec Nordiques suffered for more than two decades under mediocrity, the franchise moved to Colorado in 1995, immediately winning the Stanley Cup. This type of good fortune has stuck with the Avalanche until recently, when the retirement of Joe Sakic signalled a wholesale rebuild of the squad. Colorado Avalanche lines currently show that the team hasn’t quite finished their rebuild, still striving to return to their former glory as one of the top teams in the west.

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The only modern team to win the Stanley Cup in the first year of their existence, the Colorado Avalanche won it all during the 1995-96 season. Fans of the Nordiques had to watch all the talent they developed over the years pay off in another city. The team repeated their Stanley Cup win in the 2000-2001 season, earning their second Stanley Cup in the fifth season of their existence.

After that quick success, the team hasn’t been able to capture the same high level of quality, struggling to make the playoffs over the past half decade. Due to these difficulties, the Avalanche only had one decent surprise season in 2013-14, when a team stacked with young guns rode to an unlikely division championship and playoff series win under the tutelage of Patrick Roy’s first NHL coaching job. The team took a large step backward next year, despite retaining much of the talent that brought them success.

The Avalanche have a legacy of incredible forwards such as Peter Forsberg and Joe Sakic leading the way to success. Their current lineup, despite the young age, also boasts highly-skilled forwards. However, unlike their Stanley Cup winning teams, the defence hasn’t managed to keep pace with the quality of their offence, which has lead them to miss the post season multiple times during the 2010 decade. In addition to placing additional stress on forwards to produce, the lack of a cohesive defense has also taxed the efforts of their star goaltender, who has to play extremely well for the team to stand a chance.

Up and coming stars such as Matt Duchene and Nathan MacKinnon give the Avs plenty of reason to believe that the team will soon return to Stanley Cup playoffs on a regular basis, especially if they’re able to solidify their defence over the next few off seasons.