As a relatively young franchise, the Kansas City Royals quickly became World Series contenders making the championship games in only their 12th season. They entered the league as an expansion franchise in 1969 and have accumulated seven division titles, four AL pennants and two World Series titles. They once held the modern day MLB record for missing the postseason at 28 seasons but finally broke the unflattering record when they made back-to-back World Series appearances, winning it all in 2015. [+]

Gamblers have since shifted their perception on the franchise, which appears primed for continued success.

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In only their eighth season, the Royals already tasted the postseason in 1976. They would make the playoffs five more times between that year to 1984, losing to the Phillies in the World Series in 1980. In 1985, they won their first World Series but didn’t sniff the postseason until 28 years later in 2014 where they made the World Series as a wild card team. In 2015, they won their first AL Central crown and their second World Series title.

The Royals were, for the most part, the cellar dwellers of the AL Central from its establishment in 1994 to 2012. They only finished above 3rd twice and only had one winning season while recording four 100-loss seasons. They’ve lately bucked that label as they’ve been resurgent since 2013. In 2015, they dominated the division taking a 57.9 winning percent as they finished with a better record against everyone and took home their first ever divisional title.

It’s customary for World Series champions to lose a lot of their key pieces and the Royals lost top pitcher, Johnny Cueto and all-star second baseman, Ben Zobrist but still retain the majority of their championship team. They also added Ian Kennedy and brought back Joakim Soria to shore up the pitching. From top to bottom the Royals are a deep and balanced team and are still very dangerous.

The Royals had a best case scenario in 2015 when the sum of their parts were greater than the individual pieces. They will have a tougher time repeating that especially with the departures of several key pieces. At best, the Royals may be able to win it all again but with improvements to the rest of the division, making the postseason may already be tougher.