Although it is played by nations around the globe, no Country has dominated international basketball competitions like the United States of America. Team USA Basketball betting lines, whether during the Summer Olympics, the FIBA World Cup, or the Pan American Games, have been of the favorite variety for close to a century now. This is especially true at the Olympics since NBA players were allowed to participate starting with the 1992 matches in Barcelona.

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Whether the squads consist of high-ranking University players in qualifying matches, or NBA pros in the Olympics, bettors can track future Team USA Basketball games by bookmarking this page.

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Given their decades of success, the question is rarely will the USA Men’s team win but rather by how much. Track the scores of every Team USA Basketball contest with our LIVE results widget.

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Winners of 14 of the first 18 Gold Medal matches, through the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, England, the USA Men’s basketball team is consistently on the top of the global hoops standings.


USA Basketball Team Record

Beginning a decade’s long run of global domination, the 1936 Summer Olympics in Germany are a key date in Team USA Basketball history. Led by the best college players in the country, the USA went 5-0 and outscored their opponents by a 152-69 count. That was over four games, after Spain forfeited their first round match, and includes a 19-8 win over Canada in the Gold Medal game.

If the Olympics are the gold standard, no country comes close to the records posted by the USA Basketball team. Over 135 games played, from 1936 through 2012, Team USA posted a 130-5 record which is good for sparkling .963 winning percentage. That’s more victories than the 123 that Brazil (62) and the Soviet Union (61) posted during a combined 181 Olympic basketball matches.

Normally loaded with top talent from the National Basketball Association, the USA basketball squad has numerous strengths and virtually no weaknesses. From Bill Russell, Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan in the past, to the likes of Stephen Curry and LeBron James today, the weakness falls to bettors as Team USA spread prices are always top-heavy on the chalk side of the board.

A healthy mix of college players are largely responsible for the USA’s 19 gold medals (33 overall) during a combined 46 appearances (1951 to 2015) in the FIBA World Cup, Americas Championship and Pan American Games. While there’s no such thing as a guaranteed winning wager – betting on the USA Basketball team lines is about as close as you can get. Here at Online Betting Canada, our Team USA basketball lines are sourced LIVE from the best sportsbooks available online today.