The Columbus Blue Jackets are one of the newest teams in the NHL, joining the professional ranks in 2000 after the franchise was awarded to the city in 1997. This was the second time that Ohio was granted a team, after the Cleveland Barons lasted only a couple of years during the 70s. Unfortunately, Columbus Blue Jackets lines have been fairly poor throughout their history, as they’ve yet to find the formula to transition from an expansion team to become a notable franchise in the league.

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During their eighth season in the NHL, the Blue Jackets finally made the post season, losing to the Detroit Red Wings in four games during the 2009 playoffs. It would take another five years for the Blue Jackets to have their first lead in a playoff game, also winning the first playoff game in their history during the 2013-14 season. These are also the only two seasons in which the Blue Jackets earned 90 points or more after 82 games. 

For the most part, the Blue Jackets are considered lightweight in whatever division they play in. They’ve never won a division title while in the Central or Metropolitan, and they’ve never threatened to win a playoff series as members of the western or eastern conference. In fact, teams and opposing general managers have targeted the Blue Jackets when attempting to make trades that benefit their own NHL club.

The main weakness that appears to hold the Blue Jackets back is their lack of a consistent game plan in terms of how the management of the team has approached building the franchise. In addition to terrible free agent signings and questionable draft picks, the team tends to trade away their best talent for little in return. Past Columbus alumni that have gone on to earn success with other teams include Jeff Carter, Rick Nash and Jakub Voracek. To be fair, the Jackets have dealt with an incredible number of injuries over the years.

The team has never won a division title, conference title or even a single playoff series. During their history they’ve made the post season only twice and they’re in the middle of yet another rebuild. Those who wager on NHL matches do not consider Columbus a threat to win anything of importance over the next few years.