The Colorado Rockies were established in 1993 as an expansion team for the National League. They are notable as being one of only two major league teams to have never won a division title (with their expansion brother team, the Miami Marlins). They, however had a surprising underdog run in 2007 when they made it all the way to the World Series as a wild card team. Their home venue, Coors Field is famous for being a homerun-friendly park. [+]

Despite this, the Rockies still struggle as a franchise and only the most hardcore of fans and shrewdest of gamblers dare stake money on them for the time being.

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The Rockies made their first playoffs in only their third season in 1995. It would take them 12 seasons to return in 2007 where they had their most memorable year. They won 21 of their final 22 games to rally to a wild card berth and rode the hot streak all the way to their first World Series where they got swept by the Boston Red Sox. They won a franchise-best 92 games two season later in 2009 but haven’t made it back to the postseason since.

As the second youngest member of the division, the Rockies have been the weakest link. They finished in the bottom two of the division in 15 of their first 23 seasons and have never won the division title though they came close a few times. In 2015, they were again in the bottom and won only 42.1 percent of their division games. Their only winning record came against the San Francisco Giants.

The Rockies are in a transitory phase and making a lot of changes to their roster. They are in the process of shipping out their star players for picks and prospects and will have to find a way to get emerging star, Nolan Arenado to stay around with the team. As far as their offense or defense, there isn’t much to make noise about although their new acquisition, Jake McGee is one hell of a closer.  

Even the most optimistic Rockies fan can’t buy that the team will be no better than a bottom feeder in the majors. At best, the patchwork team the Rockies currently have can over perform and hit close to a winning record but the playoffs may be out of reach though every team deserves the benefit of the doubt.