One of two MLB teams bearing the city, ‘Los Angeles’, the Angels are actually based in Anaheim and have played in the city since 1966. They briefly played in the Dodgers Stadium in the early 1960s and have a rivalry with their National League cousins, the Dodgers termed ‘The Freeway Series’. The Angels have one World Series title and nine division titles. They are quite prevalent in pop culture and had movies based off of them. They usually field very good teams for the fans to cheer and for bettors to back.

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Name changes were common for the Angels franchise. They started out as the Los Angeles Angels in 1961 then changed to the California Angels in 1965 then the Anaheim Angels in 1997 and finally to their current Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in 2005. They had their first winning season in only their second year in 1962 but didn’t make the postseason till 1979. Their lone World Series appearance and championship came in 2002. Their last playoff appearance was in 2014.

The Angels have the second most AL West titles with most of these coming in the 2000s. In 2015, they finished with the best record in their division with a 57.9 winning percentage. They had a winning record against every team but the Houston Astros who they lost the overall series to 9-10. They coincidentally failed to make the last wild card spot by one game but even in finishing third in the division they still show their mastery over their rivals.

Everything starts and ends with the Angels’ superstar, Mike Trout. The superstar already has an MVP under his belt and more could be coming his way. He can do it all but he’s just one player. Former MVP, Albert Pujols will have to keep productive and the pitching led by Garrett Richards will have to do some heavy lifting as well. The Angels acquired Andrelton Simmons, a defensive star at shortstop to help shore up their defensive gaps.

All the Angels need is for their starters to perform to their abilities and they will be contenders for the division crown again. That’s how good the Angels’ lineup is. But as simple as this sounds, players are prone to underperform, get hurt or just downright disappear for long stretches and if any of these keep happening, not even another MVP-caliber season from Mike Trout can save the Angels from mediocrity.