There have been a lot of struggling times for the Detroit Pistons franchise for the better part of the last decade as they missed the playoffs in six straight seasons from 2008-09 through 2014-15. Ownership and management just couldn’t find the right pieces to put together to field a winning unit and they finally made the choice near the end of that run to completely rebuild with youth and go from there. [+]

That decision paid off with their first playoff appearance after the 2015-16 season, and while the playoffs were short-lived (they were swept by Cleveland), the pieces are in place for a bright future. Detroit Pistons lines are now going to be ones that bettors seek out each night during the season, knowing this team can produce wins.

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Tracking Detroit Pistons scores throughout the year will help you better handicap this team going forward. Below is the schedule and past results of the Pistons this year to help you spot situational spots as well.

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Detroit Pistons Standings

Now that Detroit made a return to the playoffs, bettors can expect the Detroit Pistons standings position to be on the rise. Check if that is indeed the case with this year’s standings listed below.


Detroit Pistons Record

Not only did the 15-16 season saw the Pistons return to their winning ways and reach the playoffs, but Detroit was also one of the better against the spread (ATS) teams as well. The Pistons finished with a 42-38-2 ATS record and bettors that had grown used to fading Detroit year after year definitely saw their bankrolls take a hit if they continued down that path.

The biggest part of that flip was the fact that G Reggie Jackson really started to come into his own and be a consistent scorer and leader on this team. Jackson had experienced success during his early years as a role player on OKC and he finally looks like he’s used that knowledge to succeed as the main guy in Detroit. It helps to have a talented big man like Andre Drummond patrolling the paint and cleaning the glass, and if Detroit is going to continue their ascend up the standings each year, these two guys will be the main reason for it.

However, with LeBron’s Cleveland Cavaliers still owning the Central Division, chances are the Pistons will likely be competing for 2nd place more often than not. Jackson has blossomed as a main guy, but Detroit still lacks a true superstar that can take over games on any given night. That’s not to say bettors can’t capitalize by backing the Pistons, as they are definitely a team on the rise and should have plenty of value incorporated into their moneyline prices with the perception that they are still a bad team tough to shake for many.