After the conclusion of a lengthy regular season and conference playoffs matchups, two teams remain to battle for the championship. Held at the beginning of December, the MLS Cup celebrates its 20th anniversary with the crowning of a first-time champion in Toronto. Over the years, numerous MLS Cup betting trends have emerged, including the dominance of the western conference over the east during the first two decades. [+]

Recent rules changes to home field advantage promise to return parity to the east in the next decade of competition.

MLS Cup Betting Lines

After months of soccer action, bettors have one last chance to wager before the season ends with a champion crowned. MLS Cup betting lines remain updated below, including numbers sourced from reputable sportsbooks.

MLS Cup Online Betting Sites

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    How To Bet On MLS Cup

    Capturing nine of the first twenty MLS Cups, the LA Galaxy and DC United represent the pinnacle of MLS soccer. As founding franchises, they’ve become the most recognizable teams in the league. The Galaxy have made 9 Cups in total out of the western conference, winning five titles, the most in the league. Five MLS squads have won multiple cups and half the league has at least one title to their name. The New England Revolution from the east are arguably the most successful team to never win a Cup, making 5 appearances between 2002 and 2014. As of 2016, the list of cup winners will grow, as Toronto and Seattle compete for their first win.

    As the league continues to expand to 24 teams, bettors can expect a surprise or two over the next decade. The designated player rule allows teams to quickly develop a contender, similar to Toronto’s rapid rise since 2014. Maintaining the Galaxy dynasty will become increasingly difficult as teams like Seattle, Dallas and Portland make their mark in the west.

    During the week of the MLS Cup, bettors are likely to see a rise in the popularity and availability of player prop betting. Popular prop options include first goal scorer, last goal scorer, first half score and second half score. You’ll also be able to find a side bet to predict the MVP of the game. In the history of the Cup, only two goaltenders have won the award. Forwards have won the most nods as MVP, earning nine trophies. Toronto looks to become the first Canadian team to win the MLS CUp in 2016. Despite the lack of Canadian teams winning the Cup, a Canadian player has won Cup MVP twice. Dwayne De Rosario twice captured MVP honours, the first time in 2001 as a forward for the San Jose Earthquakes and the second time in 2007 as a midfielder for the Houston Dynamo.

    Bettors can always find moneylines and over/under betting options for the championship. The league has seen plenty of tight games in the Cup finals – only five of the twenty finals have been decided by 2 goals, which is also the largest winning margin. Four of the last seven Cup finals were decided in overtime or a penalty shootout. The record for goals scored in a Cup final is 4 with the combined total of 6, giving you a good idea of what to look for in terms of totals.

    The biggest recent change to the MLS Cup gives favorites even more of an advantage, awarding home field advantage to the team with the highest number of points during the regular season. Since home teams have a 5-2 record in championship matchups, bettors should take advantage of this trend when betting on the finals.