The Pittsburgh Penguins have been threatened with the loss of the franchise twice, both times rescued by the drafting of a superstar. Now that the team has once again been financially stabilized, Pittsburgh Penguins lines have been revitalized, with many more fans becoming involved in wagering on the team. Unlike the Oilers, which failed to capitalize on multiple first overall picks, the Penguins have surrounded their superstars with solid role players.

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Mario Lemieux lead the Pittsburgh Penguins to their first Stanley Cup in 1991, putting in a performance for the ages, including a spectacular one-man effort in which he deked and dragged Minnesota North Stars defenders the length of the ice before embarrassing the goalie. Tragedy struck in the offseason, with coach Bob Johnson succumbing to cancer. The next year, they won the Stanley Cup again under the coaching of Scotty Bowman, dedicating their win to Bob Johnson.

After drafting Sidney Crosby, the Penguins staved off irrelevancy and became a perennial power in the Eastern Conference. In addition to three division championships, the Penguins have earned multiple conference championships during Sidney’s reign. He and Geno Malkin are one of the strongest one-two punches in the league, with either capable of single-handedly lifting the team to victory on any given night.

The offense of the Pittsburgh Penguins is their strongest advantage, especially considering the impact of Kris Letang and assorted snipers supporting the cause. Despite the presence of Crosby and Malkin, the biggest problem that faces Pittsburgh tends to be secondary scoring, which forces the Pens to rely too much on a top-loaded lineup. Top line wingers have been notably scarce in the lineup, even if they do tend to sign and develop solid defensive forwards. While the team does manage to find steady support players to complement their stars, goaltending has been an issue during the playoffs, when solid backstopping is required to win any series.

As long as Crosby and Malkin are in the lineup, the Pittsburgh Penguins will be able to assemble a cast that can compete with the best teams in the NHL during the regular season and the playoffs. However, considering the league’s trend towards the low scoring that allowed the Devils to bore their way to the Stanley Cup during the late 90s, their likelihood of winning depends on the team’s ability to play serviceable defence.