Out of all the franchises in the NHL, the New York Islanders have experienced both the highest peaks of victory and the worst defeats imaginable. This is the franchise that had legends Mike Bossy, Billy Smith and Denis Potvin. This team also signed Alexei Yashin and Mark DiPietro to historically terrible contracts. As a result, since the dynasty of the eighties, New York Islanders lines have been mostly terrible, although they’re now on the way back to relevancy.

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Between 1979 and 1984, the New York Islanders represented one of the greatest dynasties to play, even making quick work of the Edmonton Oilers during the prime Wayne Gretzky years. The 1983 sweep of the Stanley Cup finals marked the peak of the franchise, which was partially credited for motivating Gretzky and Messier to become Hall of Fame legends. Since then, the team descended into a period of complete chaos, as the front office made a series of questionable decisions that undermined the excellence built during the 1980s. 

Mercifully, with the drafting of John Tavares and the stabilization of ownership and front office, the Islanders are now competing well again, rising to earn back-to-back 100 point seasons in for the 2015 and 2016 seasons. The combination of a young superstar along with solid vets and upcoming youngsters should be considered foreboding to the rest of the east, potentially transforming into a conference powerhouse.

The team has made a series of great decisions in surrounding Tavares with capable talent, which has resulted in a team that can flip the switch to overwhelm with speed and scoring, including a blueline that poached Nick Leddy from the Blackhawks. While their current goaltending is nothing to sneeze at, they’ll need to either improve the depth of their blueline or acquire a top-five goalie to be able to maximize the impact of Tavares.

Now that the Islanders have tasted a bit of playoff success, there’s a good chance that the team will continue to grow, eclipsing their counterparts in the New York region. When Tavares is healthy and playing well, the team will always have a shot at making noise in the post season. If they manage to build a bit more of a solid shell around his offensive genius, the team could potentially ascend into a modern dynasty.