At the risk of being harsh, it’s probably fair to say that lately the Philadelphia 76ers franchise has been a dumpster fire. Management tried to go the rebuilding route through the draft after a second round playoff exit in 2011-12, but almost every roster move made since then has been close to a disaster and it’s shown on the floor. In the four seasons since, Philadelphia has won a grand total of 81 games (81-247), finished with a worse record each year, and culminating it with a 10-72 record in 15-16. [+]

It’s no surprise then that NBA bettors and pundits alike know the 76ers are going to be one of the league’s worst teams throughout the season and routinely go against them no matter how big the spread is on the Philadelphia Sixers lines.

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Talking about the Philadelphia Sixers next game typically means “regular season only” and how many points will they be getting on the point spread tonight. Check the box below to see which team is likely to beat Philly next.

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Philadelphia Sixers Score

Philadelphia Sixers scores have been quite ugly in recent years with double digit defeats littering their schedule and results. See if that was the case again this year in the box below.

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Philadelphia Sixers Standings

The Philadelphia Sixers standings placement has been an atrocity during these recent seasons, as the franchise sets NBA records for futility along the way. They can “only go up” though and the standings box below will help you check that.


Philadelphia Sixers Record

There have been a lot of UGLY seasons in recent years for the 76ers as their “rebuilding plan” is seemingly to start a new rebuilding plan each year. They’ve gotten a little unlucky with their top 1st round draft choices being hurt a lot, but part of that is on management to understand those inherent risks with those players and maybe avoid them after you’ve been burned multiple times.

Many wondered opening during the 15-16 season if some of the Sixers players would be on a NBA roster anywhere else, and the short answer to that is probably not. They do have some solid young talent in Jahlil Okafor, Nerlens Noel, and Ish Smith, but none of these guys are quite the superstars a franchise can build their team around.

Truly, there is nowhere else for this franchise to go but “up” and despite their 10-72 SU record in 15-16, they still managed to post a 37-44-1 against the spread (ATS) record. Philadelphia gets a lot of double digit points throughout the year and a lot of those ATS wins came because those numbers just get too high with everyone knowing that the Sixers stunk.

Going forward, bettors will likely see many more +10 to +15 point spreads tagged on the 76ers, but they proved in 15-16 that bettors can find ways to turn a profit with them if they know when to pick their spots.