Since the Nets moved to Brooklyn for the 2012-13 season, they haven’t experienced the level of success Russian owner Mikhail Prokhorov expected when he bought the team. Yes, the Nets made the playoffs in their first three seasons in Brooklyn, but there was only one playoff series win in those three trips and management decided to blow up their ageing team after that. 2015-16 was the start of a long rebuilding process for Brooklyn. [+]

They finished with a 21-61 straight up record and more pain is likely to follow in the coming years and it’s why you’ll often see many bettors having no problem going against Brooklyn Nets lines on the moneyline and/or point spread.

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You can find the moneyline odds for the Brooklyn Nets next game below. Chances are they will be an underdog, but the number gives you a good place to start your handicapping process.

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Checking how many losses pile up for Brooklyn is easy with their schedule and results below. The chart has the Brooklyn Nets score for all of the games played this year.

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Brooklyn may be in the infancy stages of a rebuilding plan, but teams have exponentially spread up that process before. To see where the Brooklyn Nets sit in the standings this year, check here.


Brooklyn Nets Record

The Nets tenure in Brooklyn has been filled with its fair share of intrigue. Owner Mikhail Prokhorov opened up the chequebook right off the bat to try and “buy” a championship team and failed miserably. His emphasis on overpaying for stars well past their prime and getting them to mesh as a cohesive unit was a disaster and after three years of diminishing returns, the basketball minds around Prokhorov finally convinced him to blow it all up and build a team from the ground up.

Given the lucrative market the Nets play in and the money ownership does have to spend when the time comes, the future does hold plenty of positive outlooks. However, as a bettor, you’ve got to determine when and if the Nets decide to shell out those dollars that they do so wisely and have built a competitive team that can have sustained success for the long haul. Brooklyn did finish with a 38-43-1 ATS record against the spread in 2015-16, but many of those ‘covers’ where what is known as “backdoor covers” when the Nets score a bucket or two late to turn a 15-point loss into a 10-point one and get within the +12 points they were getting on the point spread. Backdoor covers happen quite a bit in this league, but if your bets are relying on them too much, you’re only going to end up getting burned long term.

Until the Nets roster overhaul really starts to take shape, they can’t be a team that you can consider consistently wagering on. Until then, it’s likely that the Brooklyn Nets are in wait-and-see mode from a betting perspective.