Green Bay Packers Lines

The Green Bay Packers have one of the richest histories of any team in the NFL. They won a ton (11, actually) of championships before the Super Bowl became a yearly tradition, during the  Vince Lombardi era. Years later, a scrappy QB named Brett Favre brought them to Super Sunday and new glory years, and now Aaron Rodgers is the face of the franchise. Overall, the team has two Super Bowl wins (1996 and 2010) as well as 9 conference championships and 17 division titles. They have also made the postseason for 7 straight years.  [+]

They have seen a number of great players over the years. This includes names like Tony Canadeo, Brett Favre, Bart Starr, Ray Nitschke and Reggie White.

Green Bay Packers Next Game

Let’s take a look at the Green Bay Packers’ next game. Check out who they’re facing this week and bookmark us to stay in the know all season long.

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Sunday 16 September
Minnesota Vikings
Green Bay Packers

Vikings @ Packers

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Green Bay Packers Score

Looking for the latest Packers score? Take a look at the calendar below to stay on top of the action.

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August 2018 (4)
Thu 9 Tennessee Titans 17 - 31 Packers +113 -128
Thu 16 Steelers 34 - 51 Packers +240 -244
Fri 24 Packers 6 - 13 Oakland Raiders +225 -233
Thu 30 Packers 21 - 33 Chiefs +155 -161
September 2018 (4)
Sun 9 Chicago Bears 23 - 24 Packers +250 -278
Sun 16 Vikings 13:00 Packers +100 +122
Sun 23 Packers 13:00 Redskins
Sun 30 Buffalo Bills 13:00 Packers
October 2018 (3)
Sun 7 Packers 13:00 Detroit Lions
Mon 15 49ers 20:15 Packers
Sun 28 Packers 16:25 Los Angeles Rams
November 2018 (4)
Sun 4 Packers 20:20 Patriots
Sun 11 Miami Dolphins 13:00 Packers
Thu 15 Packers 20:20 Seattle Seahawks
Sun 25 Packers 20:20 Vikings
December 2018 (5)
Sun 2 Cardinals 13:00 Packers
Sun 9 Atlanta Falcons 13:00 Packers
Sun 16 Packers 13:00 Chicago Bears
Sun 23 Packers 13:00 New York Jets
Sun 30 Detroit Lions 13:00 Packers

Green Bay Packers Standings

Let’s see how the rest of the division is doing compared to the Green Bay Packers. Standings are updated after each game. Check back often to keep up on their inter-division rivals.

StandingsGreen Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers Record

Key dates in the team history. January 26, 1997: The Pack finally reward their fans with a Super Bowl win, beating the Patriots 35-21. Also, on February 6, 2011, Rodgers began his own legacy by guiding the Packers to a 31-25 win over the Steelers. 

How strong is the team within its division/conference? This team has done very well lately. They make the playoffs year-after-year, and are usually in serious Super Bowl conversations. 

What are the team’s main strengths vs weaknesses? The strength starts with the franchise player in Aaron Rodgers. He’s a stat-compiling and winning machine that leads them wherever they go. He needs to be healthy all year for them to keep playing at this level. 

How far does the team usually go in the league? The defense is supposed to be better next year, and will have to be. A few odd experts are actually picking the Packers to go all the way, but it’s not very likely. They will most likely make the playoffs, and even advance to the second round.