There’s no arguing that the Edmonton Oilers are the luckiest franchise since the league merged with the World Hockey Association in 1979. While this hasn’t translated into actual results as of late, the squad’s penchant for winning first overall picks has enraged fans of the NHL who aren’t loyal to this Albertan squad. While they have struggled mightily, there’s a good chance that Edmonton Oilers lines will soon rebound to the greatness that they experienced during the mid 80s and early 90s.

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November 2nd, 1978 is the most important date in Oilers history, as the plane ferrying The Great One to his new team landed in Edmonton instead of Winnipeg. Although the Oilers were still in the WHA at the time, the sale of Gretzky from Indianapolis to Edmonton would ensure that the Oilers would win their first Stanley Cup in 1983-84 season, overcoming the New York Islanders franchise that won four straight Cups in the previous years. Despite the fact that he was shockingly traded to the Los Angeles Kings before the 1988-89 season, all five Cup won by the Oilers can be traced back to the historic performances of Gretzky or the play of the skaters he was traded for.

After Gretzky and Messier were both gone, the team required fifteen years to return to the top of the competitive ranks, making a finals run in 2005-06. However, the truth is that the Oilers have been saddled with a terrible front office that has squandered some of the best draft luck that any major professional sports team in North America has enjoyed. Due to this ineptitude, there’s very little respect for the Oilers as rivals in the Western Conference. 

The Oilers have managed to accumulate the best fleet of elite young forwards in the game, but haven’t been able to take advantage of these stars in the making because of a complete lack of competent defence or goaltending. While some of their netminders have played well for other teams, the Oil simply don’t get the defensive support that their young stars require to blossom.

It’s hard to fathom that the Oilers will somehow avoid returning to the top ranks of the NHL soon, considering the presence of Taylor Hall, Connor McDavid and other incredible forwards in their lineup. They will likely return to the playoffs soon, breaking their long streak of avoiding the postseason.