The Minnesota Twins are one of the eight charter teams of the American League established in 1901. They began as the Washington Nationals/Senators before they relocated to Minnesota. The name alludes to the Twin Cities area comprising Minneapolis and St. Paul. The Twins have three World Series championships in total, two as the Twins and one from the Washington era. They have six AL pennants and ten division titles. [+]

After initial success in the 2000s, the Twins have since fallen on difficult times but fans and gamblers look forward to the future as their youthful prospects may soon break out.

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The Twins won their first World Series in 1924 as the Senators. They only made the postseason three times despite fielding generally good teams but they made the World Series in all those trips. After their relocation to Minnesota, the Twins recorded their best regular season in 1965 by winning a franchise-record 102 games but lost in the World Series. They eventually won the World Series as the Twins in 1987 and again in 1991. They last made the playoffs in 2010.

The Twins were once the kings of the AL Central following the decline of the Indians in the early 2000s but have since become the division’s weakest link. They had a resurgent 2015 where they had their first winning season since 2010. They had a 52.6 winning percentage against their division rivals thanks to beating the Chicago White Sox and Cleveland Indians for the most part.

Youth is probably the Twins’ best asset as their winning season of 2015 showed flashes of what their prospects are capable of even in their very raw status. Former MVP Joe Mauer will have to bounce back and their high-profile Korean import, Byung-ho Park will have to prove his powerful bat can translate well in the MLB. While the Twins have a good lineup overall, they may still be prone to inconsistency and underachievement and that could doom the Twins to another long season.

As successful as 2015 was, it was most likely a matter of the Twins overachieving. The team still boasts very good young prospects, potentially explosive offense and decent pitching but they could still be a year or two away from being true contenders. At best they can likely fight for a wild card spot but at worst, it’s back to the tough AL Central’s basement.