This is one of the most interesting divisions in all of pro sports to bet on. The NFC’s East division is made up of the New York Giants, the Washington Redskins, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Philadelphia Eagles. They play in some of the United States’ largest media markets (New York No. 1, Philadelphia, No. 4, Dallas-Fort Worth No. 5, and Washington No. 8). This means high visibility, high pressure, and high payrolls.  [+]

The NFC East Teams are big market teams with big time salaries and expectations, year-after-year. The East is home to 4 of the top 7 of the most valuable franchises in the National Football League’s (Cowboys #1; Redskins #3; Giants #4; Eagles #7).

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NFC East Standings

Here is a look at the up-to-date National Football Conference East Standings. Check back every weekend to see who’s on top and who’s struggling to find the end zone.


How To Bet On National Football Conference East

The best are getting even better. The Redskins have already built themselves into a contender, and look to be staying that way for some time to come. They were already the top team in the conference, but they have added even more firepower over the spring and summer. Only the Cowboys did better on draft day this year, and many experts argue that Washington still earned the highest Draft Day Grade. And unlike Dallas, the young players in Washington have far less pressure to perform, because they get to play behind talented veterans. That’s bad news for everyone else. 

The Redskins look like it’s their conference to lose, and it’s going to be very hard to get between them and a Super Bowl this year. If you’re looking to get behind a favorite, this is the best place to start.

Dallas is interesting to look at on paper. You may want to keep a close eye on them if you’re laying bets next year. The smart money says they’re not ready for the playoffs, as their young talent needs to be cultivated, now that it’s been harvested. But watch them for an underdog bet. They were awful last year, but still managed to win 3 road games. They didn’t do any worse on the road than anyone else in the NFC East

Remember these team’s big payrolls. Teams will rise and fall pretty regularly from the standings. When they’re not on top, they’re rebuilding. But rebuilding takes less time when you’re a big market team that can afford to pay and attract marquee free agent players.