A jubilant crowd greeted the return of professional hockey to Winnipeg, after the first version of the Winnipeg Jets were sent to the desert in 1996. It took another inappropriate NHL expansion into Atlanta to fail before Winnipeg got their team back in 2011. As a resurrected NHL franchise, Winnipeg Jets lines will show them as underdogs for a while, until the team manages to grow the young talent that they’ve drafted.

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Similar to the Minnesota Wild, the original Jets team that relocated to Arizona never accomplished much of note. During the brief history of the current iteration of the Winnipeg Jets, the team has visited the Stanley Cup Playoffs only once, getting swept by the Anaheim Ducks. When you combine the history of the Atlanta Thrashers with the Jets, this franchise hasn’t won a single game in the post season, spanning nearly two decades. Fortunately, Jets fans are still enthusiastic about their team, even through their rough reboot.

After a couple of years in the Thrasher’s old southeast division, the NHL realigned to adjust to the new situation, placing the Jets in the much tougher Central division starting in the 2014-14 season. Even though this reduced the odds of the Jets making the post season, they surprised the NHL with a strong finish during the 2014-15 campaign, outhustling more talented teams for a playoff spot. However, considering the depth of rival Central teams, the Jets face an uphill battle in terms of earning respect as a feared conference rival.

While the Jets do have a stockpile of great young prospects due to their tough start in the NHL, the overall talent level hasn’t yet developed enough to challenge strong contenders. Making the situation even worse is their goaltending, which has been mediocre at best, making it more difficult for their youngsters to experience a stable hockey environment. When the Jets have been clicking, the team is able to challenge with their great foot speed. 

Nobody expects the Jets to be able to rise into contention in the next few years, especially if they don’t directly address their goaltending situation. As their young guns mature and adjust to the demands of the NHL game, the Jets may actually win a playoff game and work themselves up to taking an entire series.