The second pro hockey franchise to play in Calgary after the Calgary Cowboys become defunct after two years, the Flames began their history in Atlanta in 1972 before moving into Alberta’s biggest city in 1980. Despite operating as a small market team, Calgary Flames lines have been fairly steady because the team has managed to avoid long rebuilding processes through smart drafting and free agent acquisitions.

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Glory has visited the Calgary Flames once in the form of the Stanley Cup, when they were lead by the best playoff beard in the history of the game, Lanny McDonald, past the Montreal Canadians in 1989, avenging their 1986 loss to Les Habitants. Even though the team hasn’t had a lengthy downswing since, the squad took a while to return to the finals when they lost against the Tampa Bay Lightning in 2004, partially due to a non-call on a Martin Gelinas goal that pains the Flames faithful. 

After the era of Iggy and Kippy ended, the Flames managed to rebuild fairly quickly, creating an identity as a team that skates hard until the last whistle, surprising the league with a trip to the second round of the playoffs in the 2015 post season. While the team did go through a downturn after the shocking playoff series win against the Canucks, the talent on the squad promises to rebound from a tough year that included injuries to key contributors.  

The youth of the Calgary Flames are the driving force behind the team, as well as all-star defenceman Mark Giordano. However, once you get past the top flight talent of Monahan and Johnny Hockey, the ranks thin somewhat, resulting in a top heavy lineup that has too many players that used to be on the Toronto Maple Leafs. The goaltending trio that consists of Fins provides an interesting look into their future, which is heavily influenced by the past excellence of Miikka Kiprsoff.

After showing that they’re capable of performing in the playoffs, the young talent of the Calgary Flames is likely to continually improve over the next few years, which means that they could soon become perennial contenders coming out of the already powerful Western Conference. The ability of the management to support and develop their best prospects will determine whether they follow up on the promise they established in 2015.